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What You'll Need

  • ECRI Device

    We engineered the ECRI device to overcome technical limitations that plague other devices, so a genuine ECRI adapter is required.
  • Vehicle Unlock Code

    If you don't already have an unlock code, you may purchase an ECRI unlock code instantly online or in the app after you are connected.
  • 2018+ Jeep JL / JT

    A security bypass is required for 2018+ Jeeps.
  • Smartphone or Tablet

    The ECRI app is availble for both Adroid and Apple phones and tablets. The phone/tablet must be Bluetooth 4.0 capable.
  • Internet Access

    You must be connected to the internet using either Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Security Bypass Install

(2018+ Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT Only)

Chrysler Security Gateway Bypass

The Security Gateway Module (SGW) prevents ECRI from writing new values to your Jeep's modules. This security is normally good, but needs to be bypassed during the time you want to write new values. After you are finished writing your calibrations, we recommend reconnecting the original SGW.

The SGW is located behind and above the OBD port by the driver's feet. The plugs can be tricky to reach. We normally try to see where the plugs are, then operate by feel to unplug the two plugs. They can stick a little, in which case we squeeze the clip, push the plug in further (if possible), then gently pull the plug while wiggling it side to side slightly.

Download the ECRI App

ECRI iOS App ECRI Android App

Create Account

  • Tap "Account" at the bottom right corner of the ECRI App.
  • Enter your phone number and desired password, then tap the sign in/sign up button.
  • We will text you a code within a few seconds that you will need to enter to confirm your account.
  • Once the account is created, enter the phone number and password again to sign in.

Turn Ignition ON

If the engine starts, turn it off and try again. If the VIN cannot be read, make sure you are in the ON position, not the ACC position.

  • Plug ECRI Into OBD Port

    ECRI will only plug in one way and will light up with a red glow when plugged in.

    After about 30 seconds without a connection, ECRI will power down and the letters will stop glowing. If this happens, you will need to unplug, then plug ECRI back in to connect.

Reading Current Calibrations

  • Energizing

    ECRI is starting a Bluetooth search for the ECRI device.
  • Connecting

    An ECRI device has been found and the app is attempting to establish a wireless link to the device. This step also involves identifying the vehicle.
  • Researching

    The link has been successful (the lights on your device should now be bright green). Memory values from your vehicle are being decoded to find the current available calibrations and their values.
  • Interacting

    All vehicle data has been decoded and the app display will change to show current calibrations. You are now ready for the next step: writing new values!

Writing New Values

  • Tap a Current Setting

    An input will appear for the new value. Repeat this step for each value you want to change.
  • Tap "Write Programming" Button

    Once you are happy with the new settings, tap the "Write Programming" button.
  • Purchase Unlock

    If the vehicle you are connecting do hasn't been unlocked in your account and you dont have an unused unlock code in your account, you will be presented with an in-app purchase screen to purchase an unlock instantly.
  • Confirm Values

    When the programming is ready, your ECRI app will ask you to verify the new values. Once you confirm these values, programming will start immediately.

Wrapping Up

  • Verify Settings

    If you are changing a setting like tire size, you may want to leave all ECRI devices plugged in while testing if the value needs to be changed. There is no harm in leaving the devices installed for this purpose, but we recommend removing the ECRI device (and security bypass if applicable) after your calibrations are all dialed in. All settings are stored on your vehicle's computers, so settings will be retained.
  • Share ECRI with Friends

    ECRI devices are not tied to a user or vehicle, so you can share your hardware with a friend. Your friend just needs to download the ECRI app, purchase an unlock and remember to return your ECRI device to you when finished.
  • Get Help

    If you are having issues, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help out.